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Thank You for Your Participation in ICBT2

Thanks_to_Saviors (BGM on this post) from Sound Director, SevindKRUdL8uavCLN0

Greetings, this is TOS Dev Team.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have participated in the tests as well as those who, unfortunately, did not get the chance to be with us yet.

We were able to gather valuable feedback and suggestions from all of you and we will make use of these for our future development of TOS.

Thank you so much for your participation and support during the second ICBT and we hope to meet all of you again soon.


Thank you!


DSC05955I would like to say “Thank you” to all of you who participated for the test and as well as those who, unfortunately, did not get the chance to be with us for the test.

We were very pleasant to see you playing the game and we were also able to gather some meaningful data and reports throughout the test.

We will meet you again with more improvements in the game next time.

From Producer and Director, Seyong Kim

thx4testers_admaggiFrom Art Director, Maggi

congratFrom Art Designer, Mina Kimcongrats2From Content Designer, Orange Smith


From UI Designer, Jooyeon Seo


From Effect/SFX Designer, Mayoking

02From Art Designer, Heajin Sung


From Art Designer, Minkyong Kang

our_dutyFrom UX/UI Manager, Gilyong Lee



From Animator, Sookyung Kim


From Animator, Minwoo Park


From Animator, Seunghyeon Myeong


From Character Designer, Dami Kim


From Content Designer, Ginyi Lee


From Character Designer, Jiae Park

thankyouFrom Our Content Designers

11From Our Background Designers

congrats10wholeheartedly thank you!

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From Senior Programmer, Sanghyup Shin



We LOVE this man!