Questions and answers after CBT2

I am syKim from Tree of Savior (TOS) Dev Team.

We are still analyzing the data that we gathered from CBT2 so we want to apologize that we weren’t able to update our Dev blog for a long time.

The questions below are the ones that we are repetitively receiving after CBT2.


Q) The locations of the Class Masters were dispersed from each other too much so I had hard times looking for them.

A) Our plan was to utilize various places in the fields, but after reviewing the results from CBT2, we decided that it wasn’t satisfactory so we will eventually move each of them to the villages in the game.


Q) Depending on the items that were equipped, there were some skills that I could not use. Was this purposely designed this way?

A) That’s because we had a lack of sprite patterns. (For example, the animation of “Rapid Fire” was only available with a character equipped with a crossbow and a shield.) We will try our best to fill in more animations in the next version.


Q) Up to which rank would we be able to play in the Open Beta?

A) Our original plan was to open up to Rank 10~11, but we are thinking about changing that. We are thinking about hiding 20 classes so there is a chance that the last rank could be 8, but it’s not confirmed yet

Q) Was it purposely designed in the game to cancel character’s basic attacks?

A) When a character becomes stiff after each attack, we allowed character’s movement to enhance the controllability, but we started CBT2 knowing that it will increase character’s attack speed as a side effect.

We think that the decision on whether we will limit this function or not would depend on the fatigue that would accumulate after a player plays the game for a long time.

For your reference, we limited this function by consuming the stamina when a character attacks while jumping in the air, but we haven’t decided whether we would apply this in cancelling basic attacks as well.


Q) The game seems to have some balancing issues on using different skills. Some skills are too effective and there are also other skills that are not that effective.

A) We will keep adjust the balances, but we will focus more on different uses for each skill.

The basic attacks would still be used by players even if their characters reach the maximum level, and even if a skill has a low usage, there will be circumstances that players should use such skill.

Q) The quests in the game are not too exciting.

A) We concluded that the reason why the quests feel somewhat boring is because the game is supplying too many quests

Instead of supplying too many quests that are lacking in their purposes and meanings, we believe that it will be more meaningful for players to search for the quests enthusiastically themselves so we are planning to hide most of the quests


Q) It seems that the speed of the battles is somewhat slow. Do you have future plans to make them little faster?

A) In present MMO games, the servers calculate and share everything so with that underlying constraint present, we actually maximized the speed of the battles in the game. You may feel like that since TOS servers should allow the inputs whenever you attack. Please understand it as a characteristic of the genre.


Q) How many party contents are in the game? Are there any other contents besides hunting with my party members?

A) We are creating party events a lot so I guess we should come up with something somehow if we really don’t have other ideas besides hunting. For your reference, we will enhance the qualities of party plays in our next version so we will share with you when the details get confirmed.

▲ We are creating a function to match different players into one party.


Q) I really liked the game pad compatibility, but targeting is still somewhat uncomfortable.

A) After CBT2, we came with an idea to attack and cancel attack with the mouse so our main programmer is working on the mouse control in such a long time.


▲ The mouse control that we are testing at the moment. It will be used with WASD.


Q) It was unfortunate that there was no vibration on the game pad.

A) We eliminated the vibration feature since we can’t check the remaining battery amount or a player’s fatigue level. If we include it on the next version, then we will make it so that players can select the option.


Q) Evasion, Critical and some other attributes are displayed with their numbers, but I feel uncomfortable since I have no idea how often they get activated in the game.

A) The reason why we can’t indicate the exact % or the rate is because the evasion or the critical rates are decided by comparing your character’s evasion or critical rates and the monsters that you are facing against. So for example, when you face against 3 kinds of monsters, the final critical or evasion rates are decided depending on those 3 monsters’ stats. We understand that this is not intuitive so we will use “Appraiser” class to view the exact rates.

▲ You will be able to view your enemies’ weak points or stats by playing with “Appraiser” class.


Q) A Helper seemed to be ineffective. It really didn’t help me except for normal attacks.

A) Our original plan was to switch between your character and the Helper temporarily so that you could control the Helper character, but due to the UI malfunctioning during CBT2, we could not use the feature. We will make the feature available for the next version so send us your opinions on that when you test it next time.


▲ The switching didn’t work properly so we could not test it well.


Q) When is the next CBT or the commercial service?

A) There will be many changes taking place in CBT3 so the testers who played the previous tests may feel unfamiliar with the game in the next CBT so we are still discussing internally. We may start the tests in other countries or launch FGT2, but nothing is decided yet.

We are planning to invite a few testers to our studio to receive their precise feedback.  We will try our best to upload the next post or announce new information within a short period of time.  We always appreciate for your support and cheers.


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